Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 PGA Show ~ Learning Notes

The 2015 PGA Show trip was a tremendous experience. The knowledge gained professionally and the relationships fostered are not measurable.

The following are some notes from my educational experience in Orlando.

James Ridyard:
Good wedge players control trajectory, spin and are consistent.

They launch the ball between 25-35 with 30 degrees being a good number.

For Wedge Shots from 40-60 yards: the club speed, ball speed and carry distance can have a 1:1:1 ratio. The smash factor of 1.0 is a good fit. Distance errors can come from errors in launch, smash factor, and /or club speed.

At other distances the 1.0 smash factor is not practical but altering smash is an option to improve distance control.

John Graham:
In putting, where a player wants to aim and where they really aim rarely match.

On a consistent slope and rolling the ball to just fall in, if a ball stops in line with the hole then the aim was correct but the distance/speed was not correct. If ball stops above or below the hole then the line was incorrect.

A player's 1st intention in putting is to select a distance to roll the ball.

Players with higher rates of change in acceleration struggle with distance. While players with
decreasing acceleration struggle with short down hill putts.

It's best to overcome rather than try to overhaul a player to "fix" their putting.

Better putters pick better targets. They also have an even keel emotional state.

AimPoint is based on balance and quantifies the amount of tilt for green reading.

Morton Golf:
There needs to be a win, win, win and win relationship between the customer, club, community and the game of golf.

Business will go where it is appreciated.

Trust keeps customers loyal, not tricks.

Goal setting, training and monitoring of progress are essential in a good business culture.

Cameron McCormick:
Best performance comes from a player with no doubt.

To improve a player you need to stress the player so they can grow from that experience.

A coach and player need to be data informed, not driven. Use tech to reinforce process.

Manage the player with incremental goals to achieve. Take active roll in tourney schedule. Manage expectations and develop a culture to win.

Bob Vokey:
Lower lofted wedges are better for the average player. 50/54/58 vs 52/56/60.

Wedges are proximity clubs where swinging at 80% is beneficial using less loft and creating less spin.

Scotty Cameron:
In good putting strokes the butt end points to a 1" circle throughout the stroke.

A Dual Balanced putter slows the butt end down. (Helps counter leverage).

Pro's eyes are typically set up 1" inside the ball putting.

Small putter heads and big grips do not mix. Bigger heads have better weight for big grips.

These are small sample of the many notes taken over the week. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend, learn and now apply them in our operation.  I am also very grateful to Two Rivers Golf Club, The PGA of America, Titleist, James Ridyard and John Graham for the opportunity to better myself as a professional.

All for a Better Game,