Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Composite of Two Circular Motions

Webster's Definition:
  • : shaped like a circle or part of a circlemoving or going around in a circle

For this article, we'll focus on the club head, it's route and resulting shapes or forms. All as a result of the swinging motion; back and forth. 

These illustrations are from Manuel de la Torre's book: "Understanding the Golf Swing" with his swing being displayed. 

They are a on-plane view of the swing; meaning the camera lense is parallel to the plane of the swing. 

He describes the swing as "a composite of two circular motions....The circle that corresponds to the forward swing is forward of the circle that corresponds to the backswing."

The following is a radar produced near on-plane image from a GEARS golf advertisement. 

The yellow shade is the backswing the orange is forward until impact and the green forward past impact. 

The evidence is ample and clear. The composite of the two motions are circular with one forward of the other. This is especially found amongst skilled players.  

Players who use a casting motion will not create the two circular motions. Their circular shapes of the club head will overlap. 

So, to think of it as a single circle, or one with a fixed center is incorrect. 

The swing finds it's own center and is dynamic; it goes forward with the motion of the club. 

It is also incorrect to think that either is a perfect circle or on a perfect plane throughout, though they can be close. 

Perfect is not realistic due to speed, body response and the human condition.

With that said, the focus for any golfer should be on the motion and the direction of the club. 

The motion is simple; swing the club head back with the hands and the whole club forward with the arms. 

This will create the composite of two circular motions. 

With one circle forward of the other the directions can still be the same. And knowing the motion is circular is helpful for applying the direction. 

By "seeing" an arc and swinging the club back and forth upon it is an excellent technique to help control your ball flight. 

By consideration of this concept and applying the motion and direction, you can have a purposeful effect on your ball striking and it's flight. 

To conclude, the club head, it's route and resulting shapes or forms are circular. But it's two not one. A composite of the swinging motion; one back and one forth. 

All for a better game,

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