Monday, April 25, 2016

Manuel de la Torre

Manuel de la Torre, October 6, 1921 - April 24, 2016.

The first National PGA of America 
Teacher of the Year (1986)

PGA of America Hall of Famer

World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame 

Milwaukee Country Club Head Golf Professional and Instructor 1951-2016

Manuel was a fine and gentle man. Humble, kind and giving. 

He treated every person he encountered as No. 1.

He was a man of detail. Especially in the use of words.  Both in his instruction of others and as clues to a student's intent in the use of a golf club. 

His communication skills were superior to any instructor I've witnessed. Especially in listening. 

Students and instructors he worked with can attest. 

I'll never forget him asking me and others "What are you trying to do?"

From that simple question the lesson and the improvement began. 

His lesson tee was art on display. I've never seen anything like it. So few words and such vast improvement. 

His concept to game improvement is time tested but his search for a better game never ended. His passion was infinite. 

Because of it, his impact on the game is monumental. Thankfully it will perpetuate from his example and inspiring nature.

It will continue.

Today is a sad day but I rejoice and am grateful. 

Thank you Manuel. 


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  1. Wells said, Rodd. We lost a great man and PGA Professional but his lasting legacy will live on with faithful followers such as you.

    Bruce Lubach, PGA