Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sergio Wins! Acceptance

Congrats to Sergio Garcia, The 2017 Masters Champion!

Sergio wins his 1st major after 74 career starts with a birdie on #18 in a playoff with Justin Rose.

I think all of golf is happy for Sergio overcoming his difficulty in winning a major. It has been a tough road and ironically his 1st victory may very well be a result of accepting the possibility of defeat.

His post tournament press conference was extraordinary in describing his mentality and character throughout his tournament, final round and the playoff hole. Video - Sergio Press Conference

His initial comments: "I knew I was playing well, I was very calm (more so than previously), I knew what I was capable of doing, I believed I could do it and today I was able to do it."

Sergio knew his game, it was strong and he executed.

He describes the turning point in the round after two bogeys on #10 and #11.

"I was playing well, there were some tough holes to come, but there were some I could go after and unless Justin started making birdies left and right, I knew I would have some chances."

He credits the par putt on #13, "more than anything", for sparking his play coming down the stretch.

"I hit great shots except the putt on #16 but played #17, #18 very well, under the gun with pressure, not that easy to do. That gave me a lot of belief and I, for some reason in playoffs, feel quite comfortable. I've already had a great week and can free wheel it. I hit two great shots and won the tournament."

The extraordinary part of the conference comes at the 5:48 mark in describing his thoughts on #13.

He credits how positive he stayed. In the past he would have turned negative and complained about the results of a bad shot. But today, he chose an accepting attitude and a positive mental direction.

"Well, if that's what is suppose to happen, let it happen. Let's make a great 5 here and see if we can put on a hell of a finish to have a chance. If not, we will shake Justin's hand and congratulate him for winning."

From that point on he makes birdie on #14, eagle on #15, pars on #16,  #17, #18 and birdies the playoff hole #18. He doesn't miss a shot (other than the putt for birdie on #16) and wins the tournament.

Ironically, he accepted the possibility of losing and then won.

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